Friday, February 27, 2009

Kira's Sickness

As we grieve the loss of our precious Kira, many questions are being asked regarding the nature of her sickness.She was diagnosed with Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), also known as H-Flu.In children under 5, this bacterium can cause bacterial meningitis.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Kira's viewing will be on Friday, Feb. 27, 2:00-4:00 p.m. and 6:00-8:00 p.m. The funeral will be on Saturday, Feb. 28 at 1:00 p.m. Both will be held at Calvary Monument Bible Church.
Directions to Calvary Monument

Wednesday Morning

Thank you for surrounding us in prayer yesterday. It was a difficult day for the Yutzys. Words cannot express the pain and agony. And yet, in the midst of it all the presence of Jesus was REAL. For this we are grateful beyond measure!

As soon as we know the details for the funeral we will post on the blog. Please check later today for that.

A fund has been established for Kira. Checks should be written to Mine Road Charities and marked for the Kira fund and mailed to 5091 Woodland Dr, Kinzers, PA 17535.
- Renita for the Yutzys

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kira Mary Yutzy went to be with Jesus this evening around 9:00.

Update on tests this morning...

Hello friends and family, kira did have her flow scan done this morning - the final test to assess brain activity. There was no brain activity found. Please pray for Merlin, Mary Lu and the family.

Ana, Arlin, & John for the Yutzys

Monday, February 23, 2009

Apnea test result

The ICU team just completed the second apnea test for Kira. She was not able to breathe on her own so she is again breathing with the help of the breathing machine. Today has a been a bit back and forth with determining which test is performed and when. God is continually directing Merlin and Mary Lou and caring for them in this. Dr. Bob and the nurses have been so gracious and kind.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of you who are pleading with the Heavenly Father on behalf of Kira, Merlin, & Mary Lou, Marlea, and Anna. We all feel your prayers and ask that you continue to call on the Lord.
- Renita for the Yutzys

Rise Up and Pray!

We did an apnea test this afternoon. Her lungs were not able to handle it and the test was not completed. We did not have direction on how to proceed. The family and friends present began to pray. Merlin was feeling very confused and stepped out of the room. Directly Dr. Bob came back in and said he was made aware that the test had been performed incorrectly and he wanted to repeat it. The repeat test is scheduled for 4 pm today.

We are calling our brothers and sisters in the Lord to rise up and seek God! If you can't rise up and earnestly seek God's face we urge you to fall down and search your heart before the Lord.

Merlin and Mary Lu

Monday morning

Good morning to our dear friends and family, we're happy to report that Kira had a better night last night. Her blood pressure has remained stable and she's been able to come off 2 of the medicines for this. Her oxygen levels have also improved significantly. This morning the plan is to do an apnea study to assess brain activity (instead of the flow scan as planned yesterday). Depending on the results of the test today - they will probably repeat the test again tomorrow.

Our hearts are hopeful this morning as we see continued answers to prayer. Please continue to pray that God's will for Kira's life will be clear.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just another quick update to our loved ones out there. Kira's heart and lungs have been functioning in a more normal way giving us hope; however, there continues to be no evidence of brain activity. The final tests to confirm no brain activity are scheduled for tomorrow, Monday.

Your prayers for Kira and the family are such a meaningful gift. Please pray for conclusive direction showing God's will for our dear little girl. Thank you.
- Renita & Ana for the Yutzys

Sunday afternoon

Kira's condition remains about the same. Please join us in praying that God would show the doctors if there is hope for Kira's brain. As before, the doctor has not seen evidence of brain activity since Kira arrived here at Hershey. More extensive testing will be done later today to check for that. Pray for Kira's stablity during this testing.

Last night as we sang with Kira heaven was so close and so beautiful. It's beauty again makes me (Mary Lou) want joy and beauty for Kira. We are still committed to placing our hope in God, the JOY Giver.
- Edith, Renita, & Mary Lou

Sunday Morning

This morning we thank our wonderful Father for bringing Kira through another night! We are so grateful for this time with our dear little girl. During the past several hours Kira's vitals have fluctuated quite a bit. While her condition remains very serious and unstable, we don't know what this means...God can do anything!

We are still at peace with HIM being in control. Please keep praying for a miracle and that God would be glorified no matter what. Merlin, Mary Lou, Marlea and Anna all feel your prayers in a real way. Thank you!
- Renita for the Yutzys

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday evening PEACE

This evening has been beautiful, restful, emotional, difficult...all at the same time. Mary Lou requested that her friends, Mimy & Wilma, come to sing. They came and they SANG! Brothers and sisters, it was heavenly. Jesus is in Kira's room!

Kira has been moved to a more private room. Mom Mary Lou held Kira in her arms for awhile during the singing. Right now Daddy Merlin is holding little Kira. Daddy is sleeping. It looks so natural. Merlin always has been the best at putting Kira to sleep.

The lab reports show that Kira had a serious bacterial infection that her body could not handle. Kira's condition remains basically the same. Keep praying for peace for Merlin and Mary Lou and all of us.
- Renita for the Yutzys

a visit

Kiki it was good to see you tonight. you lay so still - surrounded by things you love, daddy's shirt, suzy, your blanket, mom and dad, your grandparents, and your sunday school teacher. Daddy said he won't leave your side - till your heart is still.
i love you bunches.
Several minutes ago Kira's heart began to beat in an abnormal way (v-tach). Although this means that Kira's heart cannot sustain this rhythm for prolonged time, her parents and family remain committed to placing this process in a God's hands who would receive her with joy into His very arms in heaven, or may choose to miraculously allow her continued meaningful life here. Please continue to pray for Kira and her family as they continue this journey. Tim, Renita, and Ana for the Yutzys

Saturday afternoon update

We just spent time with Kira's ICU doc again. He did more extensive nerve testing this morning and hasn't really found that much has changed regarding brain activity, which means there continues to be no evidence of brain activity. Also Kira's heart and lungs continue to show signs of weakness.

Merlin and Mary Lou have asked that Kira's treatment remains the same for now. We're standing by them in this and ask that you, our brothers and sisters continue to pray...for a miracle and that God's will be done and He be glorified. Pray that Merlin and Mary Lou would continue to hear the voice of Jesus clearly and experience His presence in very real ways.

Marlea (5 years old) has been so sweet and needs our prayers too. She spent some time here at the hospital yesterday and again today. Currently she's with her little sister, Kira, in the ICU. Marlea needs Jesus' special care too. Pray that Kira's baby sister, Anna (10 mos.) would feel loved and secure as she's not able to have as much mommy-time right now. She's been doing quite well.

Again, thank you for caring! Thank you to those of you who are caring for our children, bringing yummy food, and more. We love you all.
- Renita for the Yutzys
It's mom again. I feel peace that only God can describe. I felt like when Merlin and I came together this morning, that God came to Kira and is holding her in his arms. I was in a great hurry to get here and I felt like God was coming with me. I feel a real comfort in knowing I can't hold her but God can. More then life, I love this child so much; she has brought life to me, happiness beyond measure and that is what I want for. I want happiness for her whether it is here or there with God. She is such a happy child and I want that sooooooo much. I trust God and His everlasting arms, for He and Kira to decide together what is best for her. This is really hard for Daddy so pray pray for life! Her stats are not as good this morning and seem to be going down. She looks very very peaceful. There is one word to describe this child. Some are pretty, some are cute, but we always said she is neither. She is beautiful! We rest in Jesus, the giver of LIFE!!!!

Saturday Morning Update

Good morning to all of our friends and family. Praise God we’ve made it through another night! Kira’s condition remained unchanged throughout the night. Her oxygen levels have improved a bit and her blood pressure remained stable. Dr. Bob did a quick exam last night around 11 after Kira’s body temperature had come back up to normal. He reported several things:
• there was still no brain activity noted on physical exam
• blood pressure and oxygen levels remain a concern
• from a medical standpoint the prognosis is poor

We continue to believe that God is Sovereign and worthy of our trust and we continue to hope in His unfailing love and mercy. He is still in full control! Thanks so much to all of you for your faithful support and prayer!
- Ana & Renita for the Yutzys

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hi this is mom, I was just back there and the doc doesnt' understand what is going on, ordered some more stuff. Her blood pressure is coming up a bit...I dare to hope. Hope with me, pray with me!
To our wonderful friends and family. Thank you for your prayers and support. Our doctor here at Hershey just talked with us again about Kira's condition. I will try to share several things.

Kira had flu-like symptoms for the past several days. On Thursday morning around 10:00 she suddenly stopped breathing. Mary Lou administered CPR and called 911. Kira was taken to LGH and then flown to Hershey Medical Center.

We still don't know the cause of Kira's illness. However, the lab is now saying there is a bacteria showing up in her bloodstream culture. It will take 24-48 hours to determine exactly what it is.

At this point Kira's brain is the biggest concern. There is no improvement since her arrival here at Hershey, which means there is and has been no evidence of brain activity. They've been attempting to stabilize her blood pressure and have her body temperature cooled down. Her lungs have "gone down hill" over the past 12 hours and her oxygen levels are dangerously low. The ICU team is currently warming Kira. This will help them to access her brain function with more certainty.

Merlin and Mary Lou has a strong sense of hope for Kira today. Whether that means Kira experiencing healing with Jesus in heaven or Kira being healed here on earth, God knows. But God calls us to hope. Taking the words from the doctor, to have Kira's condition improve would be a "miracle of miraculous proportions!"

Brothers and sisters, PRAY!!!! Pray for a miracle for Kira, pray for Merlin and Mary Lou. Pray for Marlea as she is coming soon to see her sister.

We will try to continue updating. Please share this blogspot with all friends and family of the Yutzys. And thank you again for your love and support.
- Renita for Merlin & Mary Lou Yutzy

Mother Heart

Freeze, Time, Freeze
as i press this child
against my chest

Hold, Moment, Hold
as i gave into these
sparkling eyes

Stop, Clock, Stop
while i wash these
grimy hands and
wipe this messy smile

Reach, Heart, Reach
this time and these
moments pass quickly by

Come, God, Come
as i embrace Love
live and die

-Evelyn Weaver

^ This poem was setting by the Yutzy's kitchen sink.


view photos of kira here.

we love you Kira.